Hardy Uniqua Fishing Fly Reel – 11/12WT

Hardy technology and experience have combined to produce the Uniqua, a reel of exceptional lightness and strength. The hardened Carbon disc drag system is sensitive, reliable and quickly adjustable. The reel can be easily changed from left to right hand wind and the deep spools take a great deal of backing in even the smaller sizes. The reels are designed to marry perfectly with the Uniqua rods and produce a stunning complete rod/reel combination for every angling challenge.A beautifully constructed reel from high-grade, durable aluminiumHighly sensitive, easily adjustable Hardened Carbon disc drag systemAerospace Grade aluminium with polished black anodised finishDesigned to complement the Uniqua rod rangeNot recommended for saltwater use

Scientific Anglers Mastery Freshwater Fly Line – GPX with Dry Tip

The ultimate all-purpose line – now with Dry Tip Technology for the ultimate floating fly line experience

Umpqua Alaska Fly Selections

Umpqua has mined their extensive database of flies to offer truly complete species and destination specific selections of flies. The best selling and most effective patterns have been chosen based on actual results.

The Umpqua Alaska Deluxe Fly Selection includes one of each of the following patterns:Egg Oregon Cheese, size 8Egg Fluorescent Orange, size 8Egg Pink Champagne, size 10Alaska Flash Fly Purple, size 2Alaska Flash Fly Silver/Red, size 2Egg Sucking Crystal Leech Black, size 2Egg Sucking Crystal Leech Purple, size 2Gold Bead Crystal Bugger Black, size 6Gold Bead Crystal Bugger Olive, size 6Howell's Starlite Leech Pink, size 2Howell's Starlite Leech Purple, size 2Popsicle, size 1/0Manhattan Beach, size 1/0Showgirl, size 1/0Flesh Fly, size 4Whitlock's Mouserat, size 6Total Flies: 16The Umpqua Alaska Guide Fly Selection includes the following patterns:Egg Oregon Cheese, size 8 (3 ea.)Egg Fluorescent Orange, size 8 (3 ea.)Egg Pink Champagne, size 10 (3 ea.)Alaska Flash Fly Purple, size 2 (2 ea.)Alaska Flash Fly Silver/Red, size 2 (2 ea.)Egg Sucking Crystal Leech Black, size 2 (2 ea.)Egg Sucking Crystal Leech Purple, size 2 (2 ea.)Gold Bead Crystal Bugger Black, size 6 (2 ea.)Gold Bead Crystal Bugger Olive, size 6 (2 ea.)Howell's Starlite Leech Pink, size 2 (2 ea.)Howell's Starlite Leech Purple, size 2 (2 ea.)Alaskabou Popsicle, size 1/0 (3 ea.)Manhattan Beach, size 1/0 (2 ea.)Alaskabou Showgirl, s

Rapala Jigging Rap 03 Fishing lure, 1.5-Inch, Rainbow Trout

The Rapala Jigging Rap Balanced Jigging Lures swim in tantalizing circles right in the middle of suspended game fish. These lures are very popular for ice fishing. Jigging Raps can also be used for all game fish species and vertical jigging can bring fantastic results in the dog days of summer. Fish hold at certain depths and Rapala Jigging Rap Balanced Jigging Lures allow you to reach them consistently taunting them into a strike.

3-Pack 7.5′ 3x Knotless Tapered Leaders

Although the 7 1/2' 3X (6lb.) Tapered Leader is the exact right leader for the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig, it's also an excellent leader for many other flyfishing situations. This high-quality tapered leader comes in an economical 3-Pack…selling for less than some single-pack leaders!

Rapala X-Rap Prop 11 Fishing lure, 4.375-Inch, Gold Olive

Features stainless steel propellers. Counter rotating design tracks striaght. Internal long cast system. 3D holographic eye. VMC black nickel hooks….

Wright & McGill Co. Essentials Fishing Fly Rod – 4-Piece, 6-7wt

The 4-piece construction of the Wright & McGill Essentials & Accessories Fly Rods makes travel easy without sacrificing performance and strength. With each rod, we hand select the finest birdseye maple reel seats and finish them with a nickel/silver up-lock system. All fly rods include a beautiful and durable travel case trimmed in leather.Power Cone technology adds strength and power to the butt section of the rod allowing higher line speeds, greater casting performance and improved fish fighting ability in all rod sizes.Only high quality titanium snake foot guides and Fuji Titanium SiC Stripping Guides are used in building these rods. Guides are precision placed for optimum performance.The highest quality or ""Flower Grade"" Portuguese cork is selected and hand shaped in a traditional ""Cigar"" handle for comfort and sensitivity.Each section flows to the next with internal ferrules that allow for a continuous taper from the butt section all the way to the tip eliminating dead spots, creating a perfect power curve and enhancing performance. To make assembly easier, small alignment dots are positioned to help you assemble the rod quickly and accurately.Lifetime warranty.Number of Pieces: 4

Nymph Assortment by Wild Water, 48 Flies with Large Fly Box

You get a dozen each of our four most popular nymphs in a large fly box. Bead Head Prince Nymph (qty 12), Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear (qty 12), Pheasant Tail Nymph (qty 12) and Bead Head Copper John (qty 12).

Como Vividly Shrimp Fishing Lure Bait Fishhooks Line 7 Sections

Vividly Shrimp Fishing Lure Bait Fishhooks Line 7 Sections.The distinctive construction of monofilament Fishhooks Lure have 6 branch line with hooks.It can be used on fishing pole rod with line hook.(fishing pole is not include)

Rapala Dives-to 3/4 Oz Fishing Lures

Rapala DT Series lures, designed by crankbait authority David Fritts, all dive faster and stay in the strike zone longer than any other crankbait on the market. Numerous tournament wins and record catches in the series' maiden year attest to its superior design and fish-catching function. DT Series lures are made from the top seven percent of select balsa wood. Perfectly consistent wood combined with carefully placed internal weights, a tapered fuselage and a thin tail creates the ultimate crankbait action.

Learn How to fly Fish
Learning how to fly fish could be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever decide to do. However, finding all of the information you need (just to cast your first fly!) can be frustratingly time consuming and very expensive. We've found an online guide which we recommend called Fly Fishing From Scratch which provides a really easy-to-understand introduction. The author's aim is to bring people up to the skill level of an intermediate fly fisher. Best of all, part 1 of the guide is free!